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We will partner with you to help accelerate your goals to decarbonize the future.

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Closed Loop Pumped Storage

Closed Loop systems do not involve the construction of a new dam on a river. Rather, they rely on the construction of two reservoirs — a lower one and an elevated one — that recirculate water. This non-consumptive approach allows the grid to store large amounts of wind and solar and deploy them when energy is most needed.

  • The grid needs longer duration (8 hours +) energy storage to realistically achieve 100% renewable power in the coming decades.
  • Pumped Storage provides grid operators flexibility and reliability that no other storage technology offers – supporting and maintaining grid stability through the renewable transition will be critical to widespread decarbonization.
  • Pumped Storage has an expected life of 80-100 years, compared to batteries that need to be replaced every 15-20 years.
  • Capturing oversupply of renewables: Pumped Storage can support storage of large amounts of solar and wind for delivery to customers at times of peak demand.
  • Rye’s projects aim to ease transmission congestion by locating pumped storage assets in critically important grid locations.
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There are currently over 90,000 non-powered dams in the United States, Rye Development seeks to modernize these untapped resources into a source of clean, renewable energy generation.

  • Out of all renewables, run-of-river projects have the lowest lifecycle CO2 per kilowatt hour of generation.
  • Rye’s projects will seek third party accreditation from the Low Impact Hydro Institute, ensuring the project environmental rigor.
  • Unlike wind and solar, run-of-river projects are put through a full federal Environmental Review process before licensing, ensuring all impacts have been vetted.
  • ye’s projects qualify for clean energy certification programs such as Green-e®.
  • Run of River projects provide the only 24/7 renewable energy resource available and, in most states, qualify for the same renewable energy credits (RECs) as wind and solar.
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The Future Is Hydroelectricity

These are the key features of Rye’s Product offerings.

Clean + Renewable Energy

We will help you scale your supply quicker with grid supporting architecture paired with the natural river systems and existing dams that provides the lowest lifecycle CO2 impact per KWH of any renewable technology.

Constant Capacity

We provide mission critical reliability and sustainability to your business. Even with changing conditions, the high-capacity factor for hydroelectric resources in the U.S. has stayed relatively constant through the years.

Nonstop Generation

We provide an energy solution that runs 24/7, hour by hour guaranteed and predictable.